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AUUG Canberra Summer 98

To complement the AUUG National Winter Conference, a series of local summer conferences and workshops are held in Feb-May each year, organised by the various AUUG chapters. These conferences feature local and national speakers on a range of subjects, and are used to help members keep abreast of new developments in the Open Systems arena. They are also an opportunity to try some networking of the non-wired variety.

Ninth AUUG Canberra Summer Conference and Workshops

AUUG in Canberra held its 9th annual conference and workshops on the 11th, 12th and 13th of February 1998. There were two days of workshops, followed by the one day conference. The venue was again the Australian National University.

Neil Gunther Roadshow

We are pleased to announce that AUUG National are touring Dr. Neil Gunther of Performance Dynamics, who presenting a one-day tutorial on "High Performance WEB and DATABASE Techniques" as part of the workshop program on both Wed 11th Feb (W1) and Thurs 12th Feb (W2). The registration fee for this workshop includes a copy of Neil's latest book The Practical Performance Analyst, and lunch.


The workshops were held on Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th February 1998 at the Australian National University at 9am and 1:30pm.

In addition to the full day workshops by Neil Gunther, we had the following workshops:

Introduction to Tcl/Tk, Steve Ball, ANU, full day - Wed 11th Feb
Basic Java GUI Programming, Jan Newmarch, UC, half day - AM Wed 11th Feb
Advanced Java GUI Programming, Jan Newmarch, UC, half day - PM Wed 11th Feb
Tcl and Java, Steve Ball, ANU, half day - AM Thurs 12th Feb
Introduction to Perl, Frank Crawford, ANSTO, half day - AM Thurs 12th Feb
New Features of Tcl/Tk 8.0, Steve Ball, ANU, half day - PM Thurs 12th Feb
A Cryptography Primer, Lawrie Brown, ADFA, half day - PM Thurs 12th Feb
Advanced Perl 5, Frank Crawford, ANSTO, half day - PM Thurs 12th Feb
Introduction to Sendmail 8.8, John Barlow, Daedalus, half day - PM Thurs 12th Feb
Further information on the workshops, including abstracts, is available. Please note, the workshop fee does not include lunch, however there are several luncheon spots within easy reach.


The Conference was held on Friday 13th February at the Australian National University, at 9am. The program had the following presentations:
  1. Parallel Processing in Pictures: Form vs. Content, Dr. Neil Gunther, Performance Dynamics
  2. Automated Software Distribution Tool, Gordon Rowell, Gormand PL/ Peter Bray, Telstra
  3. Voice Over IP, Peter Elford, Cisco
  4. Security - IPSEC, Phil Yialeloglou, Cisco
  5. A Current Perspective on Encryption Algorithms, Lawrie Brown, ADFA
  6. Managing Free Software Projects, Andrew Tridgell, ANU
  7. Object serialization in Java, Enno Davids, Metva
  8. Recent and Forthcoming Developments on the Web, Jan Newmarch, UC
  9. Internet Payment Systems, Peter Billam, P J B Computing
  10. What's the time, Mr Satellite? Using a GPS receiver as a NTP Reference Clock, Jeremy Bishop, Dept. of Defence
  11. Sam-I-Am - A SPAM Filter System, David Purdue, SunSoft Pacific
Further information on the conference, including abstracts of the talks, is available. The conference fee includes lunch, as well as morning and afternoon refreshments.


AUUG (Canberra chapter) is pleased to acknowledge the support of Cisco Systems Australia (Canberra), makers of fine internetworking equipment, in sponsoring this conference.

PGP Key Signing Service

A PGP key signing service was available to conference attendees to 'introduce' them to other PGP users. For further information see the AUUG PGP key-signing page.


To commemorate this event, a few photos have been taken.

Other Information

The venue for both the workshops and the conference is the Australian National University, with registration in the Manning Clark Foyer (building 26a), from 8:30am on.

Parking is available off Hutton Street (entrance 8 on ANU map), (3 for free before 9am); or try the roof of the Parking tower near the Workers club.

Further Information

If you need more information, please contact us by:

PhoneFree Call 1-800 625 655
Fax (02) 9332 4066

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