AUUG Canberra Summer 98 - Photos

Wed 11 Feb - Workshops

Neil Gunther in full flight in his Performance workshop (W1).
Jan Newmarch expounding the details of Java GUI's (W4).
Lunch with Neil and the roadshow attendees.

Thurs 12 Feb - Workshops

Frank Crawford expounding the virtues of Perl, the programers swiss-army chainsaw ... (W7).
Steve Ball detailing Tcl - Java interactions (W6).
Neil Gunther pushing the performance curve to the wall ... (W2)
Another lunch with Neil and the roadshow crew.

Fri 13 Feb - Conference

Some of the AUUG (Canberra) 98 conference attendees in MCC T5.
Gordan Rowell on how to manage lots of systems wothout going insane.
Phil Yialeloglou on keeping those nasty snoops at bay.
Peter Billam on paying for the essentials via the net.
Jeremy Bishop on how to keep your computer on time when you wont let it talk to anyone else's.
David Purdue on ways of coping with the every growing flood of spam.

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