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The Canberra Chapter of AUUG no longer exists and these pages are here for historical purposes only


Unfortunately, the Canberra chapter of AUUG has once again become inactive after a brief amount of activity in 2002/2003. The main reason for this is member indifference. Please contact the current/previous committee if you're interested in restarting Canberra chapter activites again.


This section is an index of miscellaneous and historical items on the AUUG (Canberra) web site.

Summer Conference Series
For at least the next year (2003), the AUUG (Canberra) Summer Conference has been replaced by the quarterly technical symposiums.
From time to time AUUG sponsors special tutorial tours with well known speakers.
The Internet Project
This web site is hosted by TIP: The Internet Project, a trailblazing project initiated in 1995 to provide Internet access to Canberra PCUG and AUUG members. Services for TIP members include:
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