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To complement the AUUG National Winter Conference, a series of local summer conferences and workshops are held in Feb-May each year, organised by the various AUUG chapters. These conferences feature local and national speakers on a range of subjects, and are used to help members keep abreast of new developments in the Open Systems arena. They are also an opportunity to try some networking of the non-wired variety.

Eighth AUUG Canberra Summer Conference and Workshops

The Eighth AUUG Canberra Summer Conference and Workshops series, organised by the Canberra Chapter of AUUG, was held at the Australian National University on 11-14 Feb 1997. There were three days of workshops, followed by a one day conference.

Conference Chair: John Wright (email:
Workshop Organiser: David Baldwin (email:


The workshops were held on Tuesday 11th, Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th February at the Australian National University at 9am and 1:30pm.

The workshop topics were:

  1. Sendmail - Peter Wishart, CSC Australia
  2. Everyday UNIX utilities - Ivan Angus, Australian National University
  3. ATM Internetworking - Peter Elford, Cisco
  4. Unix and Internet Security - Jeremy Bishop, Department of Defence
  5. Introduction to Perl - Frank Crawford, ANSTO
  6. Perl 5 - What's New - Frank Crawford, ANSTO
  7. Domain Name Service - Chris Vance, ADFA
  8. Advanced Java - Jan Newmarch, University of Canberra
  9. Introduction to Tcl/Tk - Steve Ball, Australian National University (full day)
  10. Speeding Up Tcl Scripts - Steve Ball, Australian National University
All workshops were half-day unless otherwise indicated.

Further information on the workshops, including abstracts of each workshop, is available.


The Conference was held on Friday 14th February at the Australian National University, starting at 9am.
  1. Pluggable Authentication Modules - Richard Sharpe, NS Computer Software and Services
  2. DHCP and Everything - John Terpstra, AquaSoft
  3. AP/Linux - Andrew Tridgell, Australian National University
  4. Rsync - Paul Mackerras, Australian National University
  5. Making LP useable - Peter Gray, University of Wollongong
  6. Performance Analysis of Software - John Wright, CSC
  7. The Making of an Internet Access Point - Karl Auer, Australian National University
  8. Is ATM succeeding? - Mike Boland, Cisco
  9. Java - Myth or Magic - Jan Newmarch, University of Canberra
  10. The Internet Society of Australia - Karl Auer, Australian National University
  11. Hosting Virtual Domains - Jerry Laidman, Canberra Institute of Technology

Further information on the conference, including abstracts of each paper, is available.


To commemorate this event, a few photos were taken at the conference (thanks Karl).

PGP Key Signing Service

A PGP key signing service was available to conference attendees to 'introduce' them to other PGP users. For further information see the AUUG PGP key-signing page.


Registration fees for the Workshops and Conference were:

Registration Fees
Workshops - Half DayAUUG Members$70
Non Members$90
Workshops - Full DayAUUG Members$140
Non Members$180
ConferenceAUUG Student Members$50
AUUG Members$70
Non Members$90

An online registration form was available.

Other Information

Parking is available off Hutton Street (entrance 8 on ANU map), (3 for free before 9am); or try the roof of the Parking tower near the Workers club.

Further information can be obtained from

PhoneFree Call 1-800 625 655
Fax (02) 9332 4066
WWW AUUG Canberra WWW server

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