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AUUG Canberra Summer Conference 97 Photo Album

The Eigth AUUG Canberra Summer Conference and Workshops series, organised by the Canberra Chapter of AUUG, was held at ANU in Feb 97.

To commemorate this event, a few photos were taken.

[Photos taken by me (Karl Auer) using a Kodak DC40 digital camera with a totally inadequate flash. Noone took any photos of me speaking, but I'm not bitter... -K]

bald2.gif [22459 bytes]
David Baldwin, AUUG Treasurer: Presiding!
bald2.gif [22459 bytes]
David Baldwin, AUUG Treasurer: Incoming!
bald3.gif [10518 bytes]
David Baldwin, AUUG Treasurer: Listening to the OHP.
bald4.gif [9803 bytes]
David Baldwin, AUUG Treasurer: Listening more closely to the OHP.
bald5.gif [10975 bytes]
David Baldwin, AUUG Treasurer: Speaking to the OHP.
bish1.gif [34178 bytes]
Jeremy Bishop, President of AUUG: A fine figure of a compere!
doorp1.gif [28982 bytes]
Jeremy Bishop holds the box while Jan Newmarch drwas the door prize.
doorp2.gif [26737 bytes]
Geoff Walker from the ATO wins a $50 voucher donated by Daltons Bookshop.
elfo1.gif [31874 bytes]
Peter Elford from Cisco declaiming about ATM.
elfo2.gif[98080 bytes]
Peter Elford and Jeremy Bishop lloking askance.
gray1.gif [65774 bytes]
Peter Gray (UOW) demonstrating the pocket control module for his new beeper.
gray2.gif [32690 bytes]
Portrait of Peter Gray.
laid1.gif [61814 bytes]
Jeremy Laidman delivering the good oil on virtual servers.
lunch1.gif [53837 bytes]
Lunch is served!
lunch2.gif [27341 bytes]
More lunching delegates.
lunch3.gif [101674 bytes]
A delegate is observed secreting some food in his right shoe for later.
mack1.gif [25352 bytes]
Paul Mackerras (UC) expounding on rsync.
mack2.gif [57740 bytes]
Paul Mackerras, recovering after expounding on rsync. His mouth is stuck.
newm1.gif [63319 bytes]
Jan Newmarch (UC) preparing his equipment for a talk on Java.
newm2.gif [20336 bytes]
Jan Newmarch and Jermy Bishop seeking inspiration.
odd1.gif [149878 bytes]
Rob Davy (ANU) blocks the flash. What a waste!
terp1.gif [51087 bytes]
John Terpstra (Aquasoft), explaining the details of DHCP.
terp2.gif [70198 bytes]
John Terpstra demonstrating DHCP. Name of helper unknown.
tridge1.gif [34003 bytes]
Andrew Tridgell (ANU) jogs on the spot while explaining how he and a few friends ported Linux to the AP1000+ one evening.
tridge2.gif [36242 bytes]
Andrew Tridgell continues to explain the Linux port.
tridge3.gif [49179 bytes]
Tired but happy, Andrew Tridgell relaxes on the podium.
tridge4.gif [41046 bytes]
Having successfully integrated the monitor, the microphone, a half-full coffee cup and the lectern, Andrew Tridgell begins porting Linux to the projection screen control system.
worth1.gif [102870 bytes]
Brett Worth (SCT) and an unknown delegate sample the excellent morning tea.
wright1.gif [42851 bytes]
John Wright (CSC) begins a dissertation on Performance Analysis.
wright2.gif [41873 bytes]
John Write showing some of the passion that performance analysis can engender in a sensitive soul.
wright3.gif [31284 bytes]
John Wright showing correct handwashing technique; a vital element in performance analysis.

Karl Auer / 19 Jun 97