AUUG Canberra Summer Conference 96 Photo Album

The Seventh AUUG Canberra Summer Conference and Workshops series, organised by the Canberra Chapter of AUUG, was held at the Australian National University on 12-14 Feb 1996.

To commemorate this event, a few photos were taken, including:

Several views of the participants at the tea-break.
[jpeg 51k] [jpeg 54k]

Some of the organisers (Jeremy Bishop, David Baldwin and Lawrie Brown), enjoying a brief break in the fine Canberra weather:
[jpeg 52k] [jpeg 59k]

We were honoured to have AUUG's illustrious business manager, Liz Egan, joining us for the conference. Here she's seen enjoying the goodies on offer at the tea-break, and later sampling Canberra's fine contrast to the weather in Sydney!
[jpeg 53k] [jpeg 62k]

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Lawrie Brown / 16 Feb 96