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To complement the AUUG National Winter Conference, a series of local summer conferences and workshops are held in Feb-May each year, organised by the various AUUG chapters. These conferences feature local and national speakers on a range of subjects, and are used to help members keep abreast of new developments in the Open Systems arena. They are also an opportunity to try some networking of the non-wired variety.

Tenth AUUG Canberra Summer Conference and Workshops

AUUG in Canberra held its 10th annual conference and workshops on the 10th, 11th and 12th of February 1999. There were two days of workshops, followed by the one day conference. The venue was the Australian National University.


The workshops were held on Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th February 1999 at the Australian National University at 9am and 1:30pm.

The following workshops are being offered:

Introduction To Tcl/Tk Scripting (full day - Wed 10th Feb), Steve Ball, Zveno PL; in JD102
Setting up your own FreeBSD System (half day - AM Wed 10th Feb), Warren Toomey, ADFA; in JD101
A Cryptography Primer (half day - PM Wed 10th Feb), Lawrie Brown, ADFA; in JD101
New Features of Tcl (half day - AM Thurs 11th Feb), Steve Ball, Zveno PL; in JD102
Sendmail (half day - AM Thurs 11th Feb), were Peter Wishart, CSC Australia; in JD101
Web Application Development Using Tcl/Tk (half day - PM Thurs 11th Feb), Steve Ball, Zveno PL; in JD102
Awk, SED & GREP - a Hands-On Guided Workshop (half day - PM Thurs 11th Feb), Ivan Dean; Anitya PL
Version control using CVS (half day - PM Thurs 11th Feb), Ben Elliston, Cygnus Solutions; in JD101
Further information on the workshops, including abstracts and venue details, is available.


The Conference was held on Friday 12th February in Manning Clark LT3 at the Australian National University, from 9am (with registration from 8:30am).

The conference program this year includes:

  1. "The eXtensible Markup Language and Friends", Steve Ball, Zveno PL
  2. "Linux and Open Source", Richard Keech, Cybersource, Melbourne
  3. "The Effect and Handling of Recent Security Incidents", Sam Lor, AusCERT
  4. "Some Uses of Advanced Java Techniques", Jan Newmarch, Uni. of Canberra
  5. "Building Linux Firewalls", Stephen Rothwell, NEC
  6. "Security Issues in Large Corporations", Tony Shepherd, Sun Microsystems
  7. "Microsoft Windows NT Services for UNIX", Bruce Smith, Microsoft Canberra
  8. "Saving UNIX from /dev/null", Warren Toomey, ADFA
  9. "DNEWS - sucking is better than pushing", Peter Wishart, CSC Australia

Further information on the conference including abstracts of the presentations, is available.


HP logo AUUG (Canberra chapter) is pleased to acknowledge the support of Hewlett Packard in Australia (Canberra), in sponsoring this conference. You can contact them by phone 02 6274 3600, fax 02 6251 6948, or visit their web page.


Registration fees for the Workshops and Conference are:

Workshops - Half DayAUUG Members$80
Non Members$100
Workshops - Full DayAUUG Members$160
Non Members$200
ConferenceAUUG Members$80
AUUG Student Members$60
Non Members$100

An online registration form will be available.

Other Information

The venue for both the workshops and the conference is the Australian National University, with registration in the Manning Clark Foyer (building 26a), from 8:30am on.

Parking is available off Hutton Street (entrance 8 on ANU map), (3 for free before 9am); or try the roof of the Parking tower near the Workers club.

Further Information

If you need more information, please contact us by:

Phone:Free Call 1800 625 655
Fax: (02) 9332 4066

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